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Cold Injuries are almost always entirely avoidable and occur as a result of inadequate kit, supervision, training and risk assessment.

Your commanders owe you a duty of care to ensure that you are reasonably safe at work. If you have sustained Cold Injury it is highly likely that they have breached this duty and as such you may wish to consider claiming compensation.

Your cold injury claim will be handled by the specialist cold injury team at MPH Solicitors. They deal exclusively with claims against the MoD on a no win no fee basis.

If your injuries are likely to necessitate your medical discharge, a compensation claim will assist you in dealing with the financial consequences. You will incur costs in retraining, rehousing yourself and your family, seeking medical treatment and will of course lose out on your service attributable pension. In such cases the financial consequences can be significant and it is for that reason that many cold injury compensation claims result in payments in excess of £150,000.00.

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